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All Star Carts and Vehicles
Custom made carts, kiosks, trucks and trailers.

American Ice Enterprises
Artificial ice flooring system.

Digital green screen photo imaging system for retail or events.

Amusement Advantage
Mystery shopping services.

Amusement Media
Maps and signs.

Map and guide brochure design.

Computerized Accounting Technics
Specialized software for carnivals.

Scoreboards, timing systems, etc.

Dinoflex Manufacturing
Rubber surfacing.

Feedback Systems
Digital survey technology.

Fun Expo
Annual trade show for family and location based entertainment centers.

Digital imaging systems.

Interactive Entertainment Systems
Interactive sound and light displays.

Jackson Digital Imaging Corp.
Digital Image Compositing systems.

LPB Copmmunications
Low power broadcasting equipment.

M & D Balloons
Silver, logo, and character balloons.

Norton Auctioneers of Michigan
Auction and appraisal of amusement parks, carnivals, etc.

Themed outdoor audio speakers.

Face paints.

Solutions Engineering
Maker of ride photo systems.

Somethin' Xtra
Digital ride photo systems.

Sunbelt Capital
Finances rides and equipment.

Topiary Joe
Living sculpture: plants in any imaginable shape.

FlyTubes, inflatable puppets, etc.

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